Unique Adventures in Homestead and The Everglades - The Aerojet Rocket Facility, The Anhinga Trail & More

Join the Sunshine Republic for little known insights about outdoor adventures and culinary delights in Homestead and the Everglades. 

In this episode of the Sunshine Republic podcast, we'll take a look at a number of exotic and culinary adventures in and around Homestead and the Everglades. As ever, as the Everglades is a long drive for just about everyone in our listening audience, what I would point people to is to start with, with refreshments at a Starbucks at 76 East palm drive and Florida city, it's right off the turnpike. And you can stuck yourself up with some caffeine on the way and that's a that's a really good starting point. 

But departing Starbucks, one of the least known adventures today is a rocket facility. So departing west from Starbucks, you can you can head west. 

All the way down to Aerojet road. Aerojet is actually the name of the facility. And I'll give you a little background


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