The Four Florida Writers You Can't Ignore: Buffett, Hiassen, White & MacDonald

In this episode of the Sunshine Republic podcast, let's take a look at some of Florida's most beloved authors. The first you may well know and his name is Jimmy Buffett. He has written a variety of Florida books. While he's best known as a singer, certainly, there are a number of books that are well worth taking a look at including Tales from Margaritaville, A Pirate looks at 50,  Where is Joe Merchant ? He has written a number of children's books as well, that you really should take a look at but because of his fame, I really had to include them on this list and frankly, they're very entertaining books. My particular favorite as far as a pirate looks at 50. 

Then of course, Randy Wayne White from the west coast of Florida...  Read It All Right Here 


...There’s a multitude of great Florida writers but those who evoke the most emotion and love of Florida include  John MacDonald, Carl Hiaasen, Jimmy Buffett and Randy Wayne White. 

So thanks for listening in on this episode of the Sunshine Republic and we look forward to seeing you on an upcoming episode very soon. Thank you very much.

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