Biking Port Mayaca to the World Famous J&S Fish Camp - Armadillos, Live Music & More

Welcome to another edition of the Sunshine Republic Podcast. Today we'll be examining fascinating but not terribly well-known bike ride. From Pahokee are actually the port my ankle locks just north about key up the up to the J&S Fish Camp over the Lake Okeechobee levee. It's really a fascinating rod with an awful lot of wildlife that to be seen on the way to get there certainly you need to locate the Hokie on the map. Polk is a small town, birthplace of, of Mel Tillis, actually he grew up there. He was born in Tampa, the famous musician from the past. It's an hour west of West Palm Beach and know a little greater than two hours east of Fort Myers on the on the southern quarter of the southeast quarter of Lake Okeechobee. So, you can set your Google Maps for Lake Okeechobee and even more accurately the port my uncle lock system. As you drive up there, there's ample parking area and you could load your bikes and ride up onto the levee and it's a very flat and easy path. Paving can be very hot and it can be very sunny. So certainly, bring your sunscreen your hats, your water as well. 

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